Strategic Management Advisors, comprised of a consortium of seasoned Wall Street executives, was created to provide independent brokerage firms with the objectivity and perspective needed to make strategic global shifts to keep them competitive during a time of challenge and opportunity. Our original mission was to build better broker/dealers by elevating our clients to a premier competitive status through operational efficiency, and ironclad corporate image, and a structured approach to process and performance.

Since this single-purposed beginning Strategic Management Advisors has evolved from its Broker/Dealer Advisory roots to a firm that currently has expertise in a variety of disciplines which includes Management Accounting, Government Relations, Real-Estate Sales, Development Consulting, Feasibility & Marketing Studies, Product Development and Mergers and Acquisitions. Our professional associates continue to set standards that encourage dedicated leadership and seek the best possible results for our clients.

Rooted in decades of experience with the worlds largest financial firms, our partners built trust and respect through their ability to enhance employee productivity, increase revenue, fine tune financial operations, and acquire and develop managers who credibly sought new ways to enhance performance capable of crystallizing an essential long-term corporate culture.

Today our full scope of customized services focus on our cornerstone processes of Corporate Revitalization, Sales Force Management and Acquisition Development. Our experts at SMA analyze the professional, financial, and operating structure of a company or project through academically developed models that subsequently identify and synchronize the mass of the company's moving parts to determine how best to
maximize results.

Perpetuation of this culture and company precepts is accomplished by linking strategies and people to reinforce the management of short and long term planning and problem resolution. Execution and delivery of results become the product of calculated tactical disciplines with consistent direction for completion and specific results-orientated agendas. The management team then provides direction, momentum, and vision while managing costs, improving balance sheets and cash flow. The result is nothing short of being one step ahead of the competition.

These tactical methods, proven to enhance operations and profitability, were developed by seasoned executives and academics in actual business environments to result in performance standards and specific goal-orientated programs that have measurable results. Designed to guide management in multi-level problem identification and decision making alternatives, these models give permanence and definition and are quantifiable in terms of revenue growth and operational efficiency.

Strategic Management Advisors continues to exceed expectations in offering our clients specific blueprints from which to implement strategic productivity, attract corporate partners that increase sales capacity, and hone financial performance to cutting-edge levels capable of achieving long-term goals and objectives. SMA-Mergers and Acquisitions operations further advances benefits to clients by providing a path to investment capital for growth, acquisitions, mergers or as a means to realize and optimum exit strategy.