At PCM Investment Partners, the Palmer Capital Management division, we do just that by providing a customized client approach for high-net-worth clients with special income or balanced growth needs to make managing your assets the way it should be. What sets PCM Invesment Partners apart is the thinking behind its business model, investment policy and the commitment to customer satisfaction. Each client can participate in a personalized private investment structure based on their investment tolerance and goals that are consistent with their expectations based on analysis of present position, time frame, personal design recommendations, lifetime cash flow needs analysis, and portfolio mapping. This direct participation business model allows optimal participation for investors in tax benefits and returns otherwise lost in passive Wall Street style investments.

This is possible because of the vast breadth of expertise through Strategic Management Advisors' Associate Directors who are on constant alert for businesses, real-estate and growth concepts.

Through due diligence, risk management analysis and experience, we provide benefits to the private placement segment of our clientele. In the end, this affords and advantage that is an unsurpassed comprehensive solution satisfying almost any investment need of our high-net-worth clients.

PCM also participates separately in socially responsible investing through a non-profit, eco-business conservatory which fosters environmental and social stewardship.