The Palmer Holding Group Ltd., is the parent company of Strategic Management Advisors, PHG Development Co. and PCM Investment Partners. It was founded two generations ago on the principles of integrity, accountability, and citizenship. Today it still proudly fosters those beliefs in its multiplicity of business and social endeavors.

When it comes to business, our corporate history is one of slow growth and calculated risk. The strength of our balance sheet is exemplified by the absence of debt and the presence of a board of directors that is committed to solvency, safety and the highest rating of its capital position. The choice to align The Palmer Holding Group Ltd. with the present family of companies was made to assure the greatest stability to those entities, and provide diversified options for our business clients and community activities.

Ownership has always been a component of our strength. The decision to remain tightly held allows us to be quickly responsive and nimble footed in times of change for both protection and opportunity.

The culture of companies that exists within The Palmer Holding Group Ltd., is based on responsiveness and obligation to our clients and affiliates. Our commitment is to utilize the family of companies, it's specialized experts, and best practice models to address specific needs from a multiple of perspectives so that we can exercise the highest performance standards and leadership in the industry.